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Lloydminster Shop is Busy

We’re here!Our new field office/shop in Lloydminster is bustling with activity. As you can see we’re hiring for all positions as well.Drop a resume off here, at our Lashburn field office, or get in touch with our HR dept. Get Our Equipment Working For You

Demand for Flush-By Units Increasing

With the rise in oil prices, many companies are starting back up wells that were not economically previously. This activity is increasing the demand for flush-by units, especially well-maintained ones run by skilled and experienced operators – which is where Scorpion Oilfield Services comes in. Scorpion has a fleet

Scorpion Active in Kindersley Region

Scorpion is currently enjoying great success with well abandonment work in the Kindersley region. For us, the key is offering diversified services, allowing a company to get all of its solutions in one place. There are right staff working in the region. We have four coil tubing units, three

Safety-Driven Team at Scorpion Oilfield Services

Scorpion Oilfield Services takes safety very seriously – it is as important to us as it is to our customers. One of our highest priorities is making sure everyone works safe and goes home safely at the end of the day. Shannon Ahlquist heads up safety at Scorpion. She

Involved in the Communities We Live and Work In

Scorpion loves to give back to the communities that we live, work, and play in. Ever since Scorpion's inception in 1997, we have been supporting the local community – at first in Lashburn, SK where we started out. We have since expanded to work and support places like Lloydminster,

Combo Unit Fleet at Scorpion Oilfield

Scorpion Oilfield Services first got into the combo work back in 2015 and have been busy helping out the local oil industry since – and winter is the busiest time of the year for them. Combo units are basically a two-in-one package deal of a vacuum truck and a

Scorpion’s Coil Tubing Division

Since the beginning, Scorpion Oilfield Services has offered coiled tubing. Coil tubing is a long metal pipe that gets injected into wells and used to circulate out with water, chemical, free up rods, tubing, etc. This rod is supplied on a reel and comes in various sizes and lengths.

Turnarounds and Scorpion

In the years that Scorpion Oilfield Services has been in operation, we have been fortunate enough to assist in many turnarounds. Turnarounds are scheduled periods of non-production within a plant or facility. The day-to-day operations cease completely for the duration of the turnaround and focus is shifted to maintenance-related

Tackling Hazardous H2S with Scorpion Oilfield

A common hazard in the oil and gas industry is H2S, a deadly gas that is colourless and smells like rotten eggs in low concentrations. It is a flammable gas that is found in various oil and gas locations such as wellbores, tanks, and low-lying

Scorpion’s Semi-Vac Services

Scorpion Oilfield Services has a long history of running semi-vac trucks as a part of our service offering to the oil and gas industry. Semi-vacs are a very common sight on the roads of Western Canada. These are tractor-trailers that can vacuum up and haul large loads of various

Scorpion and Pro-Rod Team Up

We are pleased to announce the partnership between Scorpion Oil Field Services and Pro-Rod Inc. Now you can leverage a combined “one-call” solution for all your coiled rod needs in the Lloydminster and Bonnyville area. Two great companies, teaming up to supply superior coiled rod and well servicing solutions.

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