Introducing the Scrombo!

The Scrombo units are fully equipped to perform all the traditional tasks of combination vacuum trucks as well as mitigate toxic/odours vapours onboard.

Most oil and gas companies strive to operate in their communities in as much harmony as possible with surrounding residents. One complaint from a resident can create issues and challenges that would much rather be avoided if at all possible. The Scrombo creates opportunities to perform vac truck work in sensitive communities while preventing odour complaints from residents by controlling the emissions that escape the vents of traditional vac trucks. helping to foster a greater sense of partnership between our clients and the communities in which they operate.


  • Steaming and washing
  • Tank and Vessel Cleaning
  • Facility building Cleaning
  • Crawling and cleaning inside lines (Hydro-jetting upto 3500 psi)
  • 9m3 Tank capacity to Transport Dangerous Goods
  • Spill clean up
  • Service Rig Operations
  • Drilling Rig operations
  • Frac Operations


Combos have a tank capacity of 7-10m, but depending on what they are hauling or how far they are going they can usually carry 5-6m.


  • Equipped with H2S Scrubbers – cartridge, liquid, and powder types
  • 1- Tri drive and pup – 24m3 max capacity
  • 3m3 fresh water capacity
  • Equipped with chemical

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