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Pressure trucks to perform well loads, flowline pushes, door pulls, stinging sand from tanks, and service rig operational support such as gas kills, circulation jobs, well run-ons, and blowing drains.

Scorpion Oilfield Pressure Truck


  • Service & Drilling rigs
  • Injectivity testing
  • Abandonments
  • Well Loads
  • Tank Stinging and Door pulls
  • Super flushing
  • Turnarounds
  • Disposal work
  • Pressure Testing
  • Pigging Lines


  • 3×5 & 4×5 pumps
  • Split Tanks
  • Hydraulic stingers
  • Door Cannons, Wash wands
  • Equipped with H2S scrubbers and stacks
  • 5K check valves & choke valves
  • Pigging Catch Tank

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