SCORPION OILFIELD SERVICES Your Reliable Oilfield Service Provider

Scorpion Oilfield Services was established in 1997, privately owned and operated and has been proud to serve our surrounding communities ever since.

Our first service offered was flush by, and shortly followed by Coil Tubing. We later got into Pressure, Semi Vacs, Combo Vacs, Scrombo Vacs, H2S Scrubbers, Welders, Maintenance Trucks, and Safety Services.

We strive to help foster a greater sense of partnership between our clients and the communities in which they operate.

  • COR, ISO 9001:2015

Company Profile

Scorpion Oilfield has a fleet of equipment including:

~ 6 Flush By Units (2 traditional, 4 rod rigs, 54’-64’ derricks, scrubbers, drive head pickers, hydraulic coolers for continuous well stroking, fishing floors.)

~ 4 Coil Tubing Units (3 units with ¾, 1” & 1 ¼”, 1 class II unit with 1 ½” or 1 ¾”) accompanied with 2 trailered boiler units and 3 catch tanks with line pipe for returns.

~ 27 Pressure Trucks

~ 27 Semi Vac Trucks

~ 16 Combo Vac Trucks

~ 2 Scrombo Vac Trucks

~ 3 Body Vac Trucks

~ 3 Steamer Trucks

~ 7 Freshwater Trucks (6 Pressure Trucks, 1 Pup and 1 Semi Vac)

~ 1 Sewer Trucks

~ Large and Small Pigging Trailers

~ 1 Fireblade Continuous Rod Welding Unit

~ 1 2000L Portable Scrubber Unit

~ Scorpion also offers a full safety watch department equipped with supplied air services, air monitoring, benzene testing, air movers, 4 compressors, confined space packages and tank cleaning support with door cannons, dump guns and a gamma jet tool for 360 deg cleaning.

We hold a Certificate of Recognition and are ISO 9001:2015 certified with an onsite NCSO.

Donations and Sponsorships

Scorpion loves to give back to the communities that we live, work, and play in. Ever since Scorpion’s inception in 1997, we have been supporting the local community – at first in Lashburn, SK where we started out. We have since expanded to work and support places like Lloydminster, Turtleford, Edam, St. Walburg, Vawn, and Vermilion.

Our team operates under the belief that everyone should give back when they can.

“No one becomes successful without hard work, support from others, and a bit of luck. Giving back creates a cycle of compassion that makes everyone more successful.”

  • Bobcats
  • PBR sponsor for 15 plus years

  • 4-H Clubs: Lloydminster and Lashburn

  • Lashburn Curling Rink and Bowling Alley

  • CPCA Sponsor

  • Minor hockey teams in Lloydminster and Lashburn

  • Minor Hockey Jersey Sponsors

  • High School Football: Red Dogs

  • Arena Sponsors : Lashburn, Hillmond, Turtleford, Edam, Maidstone, Neilburg, and Lloyd Civic Centre

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