A common hazard in the oil and gas industry is H2S, a deadly gas that is colourless and smells like rotten eggs in low concentrations. It is a flammable gas that is found in various oil and gas locations such as wellbores, tanks, and low-lying areas.

One service that Scorpion Oilfield Services offers that can help alleviate this hazard is H2S scrubbers. Scrubbers are designed to eliminate the H2S found in gas when trucks are venting while loading fluids, and by doing this, they help to protect workers.

Scorpion has a radius H2S monitor that they often use in conjunction with the H2S operations. This monitor is convenient for use in facilities and turnarounds. The main monitor is deployed, along with up to six separate monitors, that all work together to help detect the gas in different areas. If one of the monitors detects H2S then all of the monitors will sound the alarm. Scorpion’s workers all still utilize personal monitors, but the radius monitor provides an additional level of safety.

By utilizing a combination of scrubbers, monitors, proper hazard assessments, JSAs, proper equipment, and competent personnel, Scorpion has the tools to do the job safely and effectively.

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