In the years that Scorpion Oilfield Services has been in operation, we have been fortunate enough to assist in many turnarounds.

Turnarounds are scheduled periods of non-production within a plant or facility. The day-to-day operations cease completely for the duration of the turnaround and focus is shifted to maintenance-related activities such as clean, inspection, and repair.

Turnarounds are vital in that they help a company become aware of potential threats, errors, and accidents – and allow the company to improve on those issues before they become serious.

For most companies, turnarounds are an annual affair, depending on need and scheduling. Spring is the busiest time for turnarounds, primarily due to the availability of equipment.

Scorpion has the experience to execute turnaround projects of varying degrees of complexity, ranging from a single unit to an entire tank farm. Our turnarounds are executed by an experienced team of managers and field supervisors who expect the unexpected and solve problems through reviews, planning, controls, appropriate staff, equipment, and subcontractor management.

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