Scorpion Oilfield Services first got into the combo work back in 2015 and have been busy helping out the local oil industry since – and winter is the busiest time of the year for them.

Combo units are basically a two-in-one package deal of a vacuum truck and a steamer truck build into one piece of equipment. For the most part, there are two people running the truck. They can clean up any mess then suck up any residue after as well.

These units do a variety of oilfield work, including production, abandonments, thermal, including mud cans, hauling kill fluid for rigs, steam outs on tanks, spill clean-ups, and many more various cleanings and thawing of wellheads, drive heads, lines, etc. All oilfield companies utilize combo units regularly, as do rail car companies, and even the odd farmer when they have frozen water bowls.

Scorpion currently has 15 combo units in the fleet. The majority of those are single/tri drives which are able to haul 10 metres of product and able to haul three metres of freshwater.

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