With the rise in oil prices, many companies are starting back up wells that were not economically previously. This activity is increasing the demand for flush-by units, especially well-maintained ones run by skilled and experienced operators – which is where Scorpion Oilfield Services comes in.

Scorpion has a fleet of 10 flush-by units operating all over the mid-West and has been in the flush-by business since the day the company opened the doors.

Flush-by units combine the functionality of a pressure truck with a rod rig, all while being self-contained. This means there is no need for guy wires or base beams, and flush-by rigs can therefore rig up in as little as 15 minutes. All of this means that a flush-by can bring wells online much quicker than conventional means.

May in-field service jobs for a flush-by unit can be completed in a matter of hours, allowing operators to service multiple wells in one day. Additionally, operator crews tend to have two to three people on-site, thus reducing risks and costs.

In the end, flush-by units can save time and costs in the process of starting up a well when compared to other methods.

Scropion Oilfield Services Flushby and GripperScorpion Oilfield Flushby

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