We are pleased to announce the partnership between Scorpion Oil Field Services and Pro-Rod Inc.

Now you can leverage a combined “one-call” solution for all your coiled rod needs in the Lloydminster and Bonnyville area. Two great companies, teaming up to supply superior coiled rod and well servicing solutions. Make one call and let us worry about the rest.

Contact your Scorpion or Pro-Rod representative for packaged discounts.

Combined Services

  • New rod sales for new-well completions
  • Replacement coiled rig (comes with fluid tanks) capable of flushing the well
    – Pull / run coiled or conventional sucker rod
    – Fish parted rod
    – Stroke wells to help start production
    – Run-on flushes
  • Road transport services
    – Delivery of new rod to location
    – Removal of unwanted rod from locations
  • Welding Services
    – Pin ends
    – Splicing strings
    – Rod repair
  • Customer inventory management
    – Storage
    – Sale of unwanted customer inventory
    – Laser measured rod inspection

Equipment List

  • 4- rod transport units with shears
  • 4 – fire blade welders
  • 4 – trailer mounted x-celerator
  • 11 – flush-bys
  • Equipment
    – Semi vacs (H2S scrubbers installed)
    – Combo vacs, streamers, body vacs (all come with H2S scrubbers installed)
    – Pressure trucks (comes with h2s scrubbers)
    – Safety services – man watch, supplied air trailers
    – Fresh water trucks
    – 3/4 – 1 1/2 in. coil units (330 to 660 compressors)


Scorpion Dispatch

Pro-Rod Inc. Dispatch

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