When an oil company no longer needs a well they seal it and take it out of service permanently. This is known as well abandonment and has been standard practice for a long time, making abandoned wells common across Alberta and Saskatchewan. After a well has been abandoned, it remains the responsibility of the company that owns them, which can include both subsurface abandonment efforts and surface abandonment work.

Scorpion Oilfield Services is currently involved in assisting companies in both Saskatchewan and Alberta with well abandonment projects. We provide coil tubing applications, pressure trucks, vacuum trucks, steam trucks, and freshwater services to help with this work. Additionally, we provide flushbys to help prepare for the rig.

Our wide range of services, combined with our experience and down-hole knowledge, allow us to provide exceptional value in well abandonment work. We have been engaged with well abandonments for the last seven years.

Scorpion Oilfield well abandonmentScorpion Oilfield Services well abandonment

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