Scorpion is currently enjoying great success with well abandonment work in the Kindersley region. For us, the key is offering diversified services, allowing a company to get all of its solutions in one place.

There are right staff working in the region. We have four coil tubing units, three pressure trucks, and one combo unit with a pup that can hold up to 23m3.

Two of the coil trucks are pulling plastic strings out of gas wells. For them, a typical day starts with a safety meeting, then killing the gas into the catch tank, rigging up onto the well hook up to the string, pulling the string out, and then sealing the well before moving on to the next well. Once the reel is full of pipe, they side spool of the strings and leave it in the customer’s yard. Right now, the crews are averaging five to six of these a day.

In the next week or two, we will be sending down our big coil unit to set plugs and cement the holes as per government regulations for well abandonments. Further, we have the combo unit busy following around the other units to suck out catch tanks and haul fresh water to other services in the area.

Finally, the pressure truck is following around the wireline crews to set plugs as well as kill wells and pressure test plugs after they are set.

All told, it is a full-service offering making the most of integrated services and experienced teamwork.

“We have such a variety to offer that it is easier for the oil companies to use one vendor instead of several ones,” noted Kenny Gaudet, Operations Manager.

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