Since the beginning, Scorpion Oilfield Services has offered coiled tubing.

Coil tubing is a long metal pipe that gets injected into wells and used to circulate out with water, chemical, free up rods, tubing, etc. This rod is supplied on a reel and comes in various sizes and lengths. The unit arrives on site with a compressor on the truck, which is used to blow down certain wells or casing.

Most oil and gas productions rely on coil tubing for the variety of services that the units can provide.

Scorpion can supply three-quarter inch to one and a half-inch coil – specifically units that have: 1000 metres of three-quarter inch, 1,500 metres of one inch, 1,200 metres of one and a quarter inch, and 1,500 metres of one and a half inch (Class 2 with BOPs). All units come with 10 metre capacity catch tanks.

Scorpion Coil Tubing Division efficiently provides quality coiled tubing solutions with a focus on client satisfaction and continuous improvement. While maintaining safe work practices and being mindful of environmental preservation, Scorpion Coil Tubing business practices are guided by a strong commitment to our clients, employees, and the surrounding communities.

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